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Modern bathrooms are no longer just a functional room with running water:

  • Kids' bathtime is a fun event for all the family
  • Teenage girls spend ages changing their hair colour and experimenting with toiletries and make-up
  • Stressed workaholics relax with candles and a glass of wine
  • Dad finds it a great place to hide with the newspaper

Planning your bathroom so it meets the demands of your family is essential. Whether it's adding a shower, installing a wet room or a complete bathroom revamp you'll need expert help to advise you on what's possible (pretty much anything) and the cost associated with it (some things can be expensive).

Bathroom Installations

From ancient to modern

If your bathroom hasn't had a facelift for quite a while you'll be surprised at how much difference a revamp can make:

  • A modern suite can give you a completely different look and feel
  • Repositioning the basic utilities can create a different space
  • Adding a shower can speed up family ablutions!
  • A better organised layout can give you space for storage and seating

The possibilities are endless – slipper baths, smaller baths, wet rooms, basins with cupboard storage underneath, corner baths or washbasins. The secret is to explore what you want to do in your bathroom and then design it around that.

Revamping a bathroom is a big step to take – not least because of the upheaval and having to manage around the work process. Willow Services has years of experience installing bathrooms and will ensure you're not left completely without use of your bathroom during the installation process. Our experience also means we can give you advice and guidance to ensure you end up with the bathroom of your dreams!

Please call us on 01480 582581 or use our contact form and let's discuss what you want to achieve and start turning that dream into reality!

Baths / Basins / Toilets

Modernising your bathroom furniture

Old-fashioned bathrooms suites are coming back into vogue – but there's a big difference between clunky old bathroom furniture and the latest 'old-style' models. You can have:

  • A bath that leaves you space for a shower
  • A standalone roll top or slipper baths correctly plumbed in
  • A low-water-use toilet
  • A choice of hand basins that can be pedestal, wall or counter mounted

The options are many and you can make your bathroom look exactly the way you want it. If you are thinking of replacing a basin, bath or toilet, talk to us about your options. You may find rearranging your bathroom will make it much more comfortable and give you more room to move.

Please call us on 01480 582581 or use our contact form and let's discuss what you want to achieve and start turning that dream into reality!

Wet Rooms

Splash and dash

A wet room is a great addition to your bathroom as it gives you plenty of space and you don't have to get into a little cubicle and shut yourself in. However, installing a wet room is an exact science!

The plumbing, tiling and waterproofing all have to work together, not just in the wet room itself, but in the surrounding area. Get it wrong and you end up with slip hazards or water running where you don't want it. On the other hand, you don't want a bathroom floor that has a noticeable slope either. Planning your wet room needs an expert to design and install it.

With Willow Services you'll get bags of experience and the skills and knowledge to back it up. You can be confident that your wet room will be trouble-free; you just have to get in there and enjoy splashing about!

If you like the idea of installing a wet room in your home, give us a call on 01480 582581 and let's take a look and explore what's possible.