Give your property a little TLC

Trust your property to Willow Services

As a landlord or letting agent you need to keep your tenants happy – the last thing you want are empty properties. A regular check of the boiler is mandatory and it’s wise to carry out regular reviews of plumbing and heating to avoid expensive emergencies. If you have one or more properties let us look after the plumbing and heating for you with:

  • Pre-letting checks to ensure taps are working, washers don't need replacing, heating is set correctly and radiators are bled (if necessary)
  • Landlord's Certificate for your boiler and heating system, so you're legal and keep your insurance company happy
  • Emergency call out for your tenants so you don't need to panic when you get a call; just pass it on to us and we'll sort it out

When we're dealing with multiple properties you'll find our rates very competitive and the service superb. All you need to do is to give us a call on 01480 582581 or use our contact form to tell us the services you'd like and let us give you a quote.